Benefits To Communities And Nation


Benefits To Communities And Nation

1.Preserving and restoring the damaged natural and environment caused by the waste. Waste will be eliminated cleanly and produce electricity feeding to the grid.

2.Utilizing the latest technology for waste management and power production namely gasification system.

3.Creating clean electrical energy from waste instead of conventional fuel such as coal and oil.

4.Increasing energy security for nation.

5.Addressing the pollution problems related to MSW. This includes ecological recovery, environmental and community sustainability.

6.Creating a new profession and occupation to people surrounding the power plant. Staff recruitment from qualified local people is prioritised. Also, extra income could be earned by selling agricultural waste to the power plant in order to get rid of the waste properly without consequences of environmental damage.

7.Learning center for waste to energy.

8.Waste elimination center without pollution, turning waste into clean energy.

9.Increasing personal, public and private awareness on waste seriously.