Waste To...By Product


Zero Waste

1. Zero waste management; this concept has the principle that “Waste is valuable and recyclable” which aims to minimize the waste and eliminate with the efficient technology. Many countries were implement this concept such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, Korea, the Philippines, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Holland, England, Ireland, Scotland, North scoreboard Namibia switch Uzbekistan, Brazil and some states in the United States


2. Reused for SW reduce; this concept approach to reuse product’s packaging which aims to SW reduction. Many countries have launched measures for problem solving and SW elimination as the following

Establish the organization or operations of package used by reclaim, collection, reuse and recycle such as Germany, Belgium, France, England and Japan
Deposit and refund system such as America, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Korea and Taiwan.
Fees collected from packaging manufacturers such as Germany, Belgium, Britain, Canada and Japan.
Impose a tax package such as Japan (plastic bags tax; 5 yen per bag)
Tax reduction for operator when recalled the used packaging such as Norway
Promote the participation of how to reduce the packaging and properly packaging separation to customer such Canada
Defined the symbols on the packaging to introduce the proper recycle management, point collection for prize, and discount such as Germany and Canada.