Mae Ku Municipal Solid Waste Power Plant



Mae Ku MSW plant and power plant  



Genius Energy Company limited aims to develop and address the field of energy and environment by focusing on the management of renewable energy in order to maintain quality of the environment and society as well as create jobs and revenue for the local communities (7,852 local governments in 2017). Solar energy, hydro energy, wind energy, biomass energy and local waste to energy are our focal point of interest.



Genius Energy Company limited was founded under the concept and incorporation of a group of experienced people in MSW plant management, power plant management and construction works. Furthermore, our professional engineers and specialists are well trained not only managing  MSW plant, power plant and conserving the environment but also assessing the quality of  MSW plant & power plants, Mae Moh Power Generation, for example.



Mae Ku MSW plant and power plant was established by our company and located in the special economic development zone (Mae ku, Mae Sot, Tak province), which is a potential area to take an advantage of generating electricity from waste since economic growth leads to a thousand ton of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) each day.



Therefore, we found that the solution to decrease environmental impact from waste as well as increase energy security in Thailand is to utilize a state of the art technology and then considering on renewable energy power plant construction at Mea Ku. Moreover, an expansion of  MSW plant and power plant is our mission to compete MSW in other areas. We have planed to expand to 300 MSW Plants and  100 Projects for 1 MW Power Plant during  2018-2020.



Mae Ku MSW plant and power plant



 Improper waste dumping field in municipality of Mae Ku